I write, edit, and link notes to help me think. This subset of them adapts Andy Matuschak’s conception of Evergreen Notes and aims to capture a slowly evolving network of concepts. Sometimes my notes result in essays.

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Customer Centric Means Consumerist

An Attractor Defines a Stable System

Selection Is Bayesian Search

Systems Live in State Spaces

Irrational Behaviour Is Adaptive in Stochastic Environments

Rationality Is an Evolved Strategy

A Theory of Rationality Articulates Our Practices

Cities Are Innovative Because They Tolerate Crazy People

Rationality Means Reaching a Reflective Equilibrium

Strategy Is Based on Models

Systems Emerge Due to Constraints

We Need Social, Not Technological Innovation

A Basic Income Secures Political Freedom

Affordances Contribute to Attractors

Complex Systems Can Consist of Anything

Concepts Are Attractors

Freedom Is Non Domination

Revolutions Try to Force Systems into Imaginary Attractors

Antiracism Needs Positive Discrimination

Large Language Models Are a Feedback Loop for Society

Models (17 notes)

Innovation Fuels Continuous Growth

Concepts Are Compressed Models

Cultural Evolution Is Multilevel Meme Variation, Selection and Replication

Racism Is a Justification for Exploitation

Colonialism and Capitalism Form a Feedback Loop

Geology Is Shaped by Ideology

Strategy Is a Pattern of Actions

The World Is a Hierarchy of Systems

Every System Is a Model of Its Environment

Rationality and Irrationality

Science Can Be Criticised Scientifically

Strategy Is a Learning Process

System Change Needs Disruption, Popular Support and Alternative Institutions

Industrial Agriculture Is a Lying Social System

Institutions Lose Legitimacy in a Feedback Loop

Patriarchy Is a Product of Agriculture

The Extermination of Insects Is Inevitable

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