Cultural Evolution

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Culture is socially transmitted information that affects individuals’ behaviour.

Cultural Evolution is the change of this information over time.”Wikipedia

More specifically, Cultural evolution is multilevel meme variation, selection and replication.


Cultural Evolution Is Multilevel Meme Variation, Selection and Replication

Cultural Evolution is the change of information capable of affecting individuals' behavior over time.

Customer Centric Means Consumerist

Cultural Evolution makes sure that every method that helps understands people’s wants and needs can and will be used to generate new wants and needs, which is needed to keep an economic system from collapsing in which Innovation fuels continuous growth.


Originally an occult concept referring to “a non-physical entity that arises from the collective thoughts of a distinct group of people”[^definition], it can also be understood as denoting a Meme, focusing on the meme’s point of view and agency in Cultural Evolution.


Evolution is descent with modification, that is change in the heritable characteristics of populations of individuals over successive generations.


“Fascism“ can refer to a historical political movement and to a political Ideology.

Geology Is Shaped by Ideology

As a collection of Models, Theories and Explanations, Geology offers “an evidence-based understanding of planet Earth's history”.


As a first approximation, a meme is System behaviour that can be copied.


At its core, political or social power is a System’s ability to influence the behaviour of other systems.

Rationalism Is Not Rational

Rationalism à la Eliezer Yudkowsky has two connected fundamental flaws – an ontological and an epistemological one.

Rationality Is an Evolved Strategy

It is a fact about our social and epistemic lives that Rationality is a norm that guides our thinking about beliefs and hypotheses; it is a Concept we use to direct thinking and discourse.

Replace Sensemaking Frameworks with Scale Free Abstractions

We want to maximise scope, detail, and cognitive efficiency of Sensemaking.


Systems "try to survive" and are differentially well equipped for that, depending in their specific Environment.

Sensemaking Framework

A Sensemaking framework is the codification of useful sensemaking practices[^useful], i.

Shorthand Abstraction

Shorthand Abstractions are Concepts that enable us to build more complex Explicit Models by compressing the models they stand in for.