Replace Sensemaking Frameworks with Scale Free Abstractions

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We want to maximise scope, detail, and cognitive efficiency of Sensemaking.

One way to achieve this is to replace Sensemaking Frameworks, i.e. Complex Systems of Concepts, with a small set of loosely connected Scale-free Abstractions used as Heuristic Devices:

A set of independent abstractions also supports the Cultural Evolution of sensemaking capabilities better than a more rigid system: The latter affords only little variation in and thus evolution of concepts, which means reduced adaptability and resilience of sensemaking processes. A population of independent abstractions, i.e. Memes, allows more variation, which enables sensemaking processes to adapt and generate new abstractions, not only concretisations of old ones.This is essentially the point Rao (2022) makes: “there is a limit to how much value there is in sharing” a sensemaking framework, i.e. an “internally consistent, learnable system of thought that takes some skill and time to master”. What is more productive, he contends, is to “encourage genuine variety in objectives on a sufficiently rich frontier” and focus on “the byproduct[s] of ordinary efforts to muddle through towards something you want”, i.e. emergent, practically validated, smaller sensemaking tools.