Hi, I’m Wolfgang. I connect ideas and facilitate collaborative thinking.

I help teams and organisations make sense of their situation, generate options for strategic action, and take concrete steps to implement them. I prioritise work in education and social movements and have a sliding scale fee.


Basic Income Earth Network

A global network and go-to source of reliable information on Basic Income that connects people and institutions and catalyses local and global debate. I help develop our organisational capacity and the regional hubs of our network.

Movement Ecology Collective

Workshops and trainings exploring social movements as ecosystems that grow stronger and more resilient through connectedness and diversity. They help change-makers develop their niche, connect to others, and build collective power.


Organising from Elsewhere

A research project to engage with non-Western organising traditions and to develop a space for embodied sensemaking and the co-creation of new, context-specific organising practices.


Pelican is people’s economic liberation in cooperatives and networks – a democratic alternative to capitalism in the UK, built from grass roots and powered by a mission-focused credit union.




I write, edit, and link notes to help me think and capture an evolving network of concepts which grows in spurts and matures rather slowly.


I sometimes manage to bundle up larger chunks of my thinking into essays. They are quite idiosyncratic and always out of date.