It’s admirable how Wolfgang steers groups towards insight and understanding with depth and discreet guidance. For us, the take-away value of workshops with him is always immense.

Immo Schmidt-Jortzig Dr. Immo Schmidt-Jortzig, Managing Director, HSBA

At the JvM/Academy, I work with a lot of smart and effective trainers and facilitators. Wolfgang is one of the best. He’s focused, warm, and excels at turning groups into teams.

Heike Lorenz Heike Lorenz, Director JvM/Academy, Jung von Matt

Workshops with Wolfgang are a demanding pleasure: Demanding because they trigger the tough questions that lie at the heart of sound strategy development. And a pleasure because every single time, they help us focus and deal more productively with change and uncertainty.

Thorsten Heger Thorsten Heger, Digital Business Director FAMILY, Gruner+Jahr

For teams who want to discover agile and customer-centric ways of working, Wolfgang is an excellent guide. His workshops are a popular part of our training portfolio. They teach essential skills and enable our employees to develop and establish individual practices and processes.

Julia Wetzel Julia Wetzel, Director Academy, EWE

Working with Wolfgang is always doubly fascinating: He guides the team to unknown horizons and then grounds our imagination in facts right on point. It is flying high with a precision landing.

Roland Freund Roland Freund, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, dpa

Wolfgang tremendously helped us prioritize and act on ideas and opportunities in several strategic projects. He empowers teams to navigate complex environments and moments of major change.

Kristian Meinken Kristian Meinken, Managing Director, pilot

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