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Money, like everything interesting, is a Complex System. This means it is an emergent phenomenon that cannot be captured by a definition, but has to be described and understood historically.

More specifically, just as Power, it is not a resource controlled by any specific agent, but an agent itself – a Memeplex or a highly complex Egregore.

We understand any complex system by building a Model of it. Guiding questions for building a model of money should be:


According to our best model, money was introduced twice by the state:Graeber (2011), ch. 1

Once introduced, it served as a mechanism for the generation and distribution of resources that outperforms other mechanisms in supporting Economic Growth. This makes it successful in Cultural Evolution.

Distribution of benefits

Possible guiding questions for further developing the model are:

People like Anne Pettifor argue that the answers to the last two questions point to elite interests and not benefits to the overall economy, a fact which is masked by Ideology.

Spread and power

As a social construct, money is a Meme. As such it has spread and grown into a hugely complex memeplex by “convincing” people they need to focus on it, and by enabling the the spread and growth of Cultures that adopt it, particularly Capitalism.

Our culture’s focus on financial wealth, which is part of that memeplex, its accumulation and its concentration, are therefore a byproduct of the evolutionary Selection of capitalism, not its enabler or cause.