System Dynamics

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The change of a Dynamical System over time, described as the (continuous) flow or (discrete) map of the system’s states.

This is not to be confused with the school of thought by the same name, exemplified in the work of Jay Forrester and Donnella Meadows and today often referred to as Systems Thinking.

Dynamical System

A dynamical system is a System that changes over time.


An explanation answers a “why” question.


“Fascism“ can refer to a historical political movement and to a political Ideology.

Industrial Agriculture Is a Lying Social System

The Social System of industrial agriculture does not actually do what it says it is doing – it is, in a more than metaphorical sense, lying.

Innovation Fuels Continuous Growth

There are three distinct, but connected feedback loops between technological Innovation and Economic Growth: Productivity enables economic growth, which enables investment, which increases innovation and productivity, which enables further growthHarari 2014 Innovation increases productivity, which reduces need for labour, which necessitates growth on pain of economic collapseJackson 2017 Growth exhausts scarce resources which necessitates paradigm shifts to avoid collapses which lead to further growth.

Move up and Down in the System Hierarchy

The world is a hierarchy of systems.

Move up and Down the Ladder of Abstraction

Since we want to Move up and down in the system hierarchy, a useful Strategy is to build epistemic connections between very abstract and very concrete Models, that is an easy-to-climb ladder of abstraction.

Perceived Irrationality Is Rooted in Actual Rationality

Rationality is an evolved strategy.

State Space

A state space (or, which is roughly equivalent, phase space) is the set of all possible states of a Dynamical System; each state of the system corresponds to a unique point in the state space.

Systems Emerge Due to Constraints

Systems or, more precisely, dissipative and autocatalytic structures that are precursors of autonomous, e.

The World Is a Hierarchy of Systems

When thinking about ontology (put simply, what the world consists of), we can start with the basic fact that there is difference in the world – that “something can be distinguished from everything else”.