Use a Parsimonious and Productive Ontology

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We need a better way to look at (the features of) the world than Folk Ontology.

Any alternative ontology should be more parsimonious, i.e. postulate fewer entities. This reduces the cognitive cost of using it and makes it more universal, i.e. cover a wider range of phenomena more adequately.In the language of Bayesian epistemology: We want prior beliefs that generate as many (true, correct, useful) posterior beliefs as possible, i.e. that are as broad as possible or have the highest possible informational entropy. A parsimonious ontology drives the overall parsimoniousness and hence generality of our belief system, i.e. our Models.

If this deflationary character of the ontology is combined with a greater openness for diverse descriptions of reality, the ontology also becomes more productive, i.e. allows us to generate more Insights.

Thus a better ontology should be more parsimonious and productive.