Hi, I’m Wolfgang. I’m a conceptual engineer, strategic facilitator, and social activist. I also write notes and essays.

Things I’ve built:

Things I do:

Strategic Facilitation

I help teams and organisations make sense of their situation, create options for strategic action, and make sensible decisions. I work with purpose-focused clients and have a sliding scale fee.

Basic Income Advocacy

Since June 2022, I’m the hubs coordinator of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN). Our mission is to educate, connect actors, and foster a global public discussion on Basic Income.

Sensemaking Research

I explore sensemaking in the wake of our global polycrisis. I research emerging sensemaking communities, and I develop an approach to radical sensemaking based on critical and complexity theory.

Things I write:


I write, edit, and link notes to help me think and capture an evolving network of concepts. I’m still practising, so my collection is growing, but a bit patchy.


When I’m disciplined, I managed to bundle up larger chunks of my thinking into essays. They are for public consumption, but quite idiosyncratic.