Trained philosopher and untrained entrepreneur.
Trying to make sense since 1976.

My name is Wolfgang Wopperer Beholz.
I get hired by companies, but I’m not a consultant.
I facilitate collaborative processes,
I focus on individuals and outcomes,
and I actually care about stuff.

Strategic Facilitation

I help teams find a shared perspective, discover strategic potentials, commit to common goals – and translate them into viable and verifiable business and product strategies.

Innovation Counseling

I help budding intrapreneurs understand their companies’ need for innovation, find possibilities for change, overcome obstacles, and kickstart innovative product development.

Eclectic Enthusiasm

I read, write, talk and am passionate about topics ranging from product innovation to open societies, from science fiction to local production, from enology to epistemology.

Wolfgang helped us tremendously to prioritize and act on ideas and opportunities in several strategic projects. With his profound knowledge of facilitation and project management techniques, he empowers teams to navigate complex environments and moments of major change.
Kristian Meinken, Managing Director, pilot

Companies I co-founded and projects I’m working on:

Working with Wolfgang Wopperer Beholz is always doubly fascinating: He guides the team to unknown horizons and then grounds our imagination in facts right on point. It is flying high with a precision landing.
Roland Freund, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, dpa

Talks & Presentations

Their unusual blend of practical relevance, philosophical underpinnings and pictorial power makes Wolfgang’s talks a true inspiration.
Ulrich Klotz, computer pioneer and innovation adviser