Training and Coaching

I help teams discover, use, and adapt new tools, methods, and mindsets for working, inventing, and innovating together.

Team Collaboration

Teams are more productive when they are self-organised and diverse—but working that way takes practice. I train and coach teams how to use Kanban and other agile methods to reduce friction, create alignment, and improve their collaboration continuously.

Creative Discovery

To create real value, we need insights and ideas sparked by a deep understanding of people and context. I help teams practice the mindset and methods of Design Thinking to change perspective, explore and empathise, and discover surprising solutions.

Product Thinking

Product innovation is complex. I help teams navigate it using the Product Field, a sense-making framework for product innovation, and by training them in skills from vision building to prioritisation and customer interviews to stakeholder engagement.

Teams work with me in a variety of formats and settings:

One-day Introductory Workshops

Introductory workshops give an overview of new mindsets, methods, and tools. They start with a game that generates a tangible experience of the mindset. Participants then try out methods and tools, learn how they work and benefit them, and discuss how they might be used in their work context.

Example clients: Beiersdorf, Elevator Startups, EWE

Two-day Trainings

Two-day trainings take a deep dive into a specific set of methods and tools. Participants learn about the theoretical background, use them to work on real-life cases, and reflect on their experiences in doing so. Building on that, we design team-specific solutions and plan their implementation in the team’s work context.

Example clients: Kühne+Nagel, pilot, SinnerSchrader

Action Learning

In an action learning format, I help participants from diverse organisational backgrounds collaborate on a complex real-life challenge, gain in-depth experience with new methods and tools, and form a team on the way. Duration ranges from one to four weeks, a lab space can be provided.

Example clients: Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft, Hamburg Media School, Techniker Krankenkasse

Team Coaching

I support teams in their day-to-day work by providing guidance and feedback, and by facilitating regular team retrospectives as well as topic-specific meetings and workshops. I help them design their own way of working and adapt it as their situation evolves. The time I spend with teams depends on their specific needs.

Example clients: Gruner+Jahr, HSBA, Tchibo

Your team wants to learn about or get better at collaboration, creative discovery, or Product Thinking? Then let’s talk!