Strategic Facilitation

I help organisations discover and design individual solutions to strategic challenges, based on a few general principles.

Problem Solving & Decision Making

Find the right questions, especially when they’re not obvious. Diverge far enough before converging. Don’t discount crazy. Good enough is perfect. Go forward and adjust. Create possibilities with simples rules.

Example clients: Beckmann Verlag, dpa, Libri

Team Setup & Strategic Alignment

Listen before talking. Give everyone a voice, especially when they’re silent. Visualise everything. Make sense of stories. Build shared mental models. Distribute cognition. Leverage alignment for autonomy.

Example clients: Stadt Gütersloh, Tchibo, University of Bath

Process Design & Cultural Change

Turn processes into tools again. Distinguish between knowables and unknowables. Balance design and exploration, explicitness and obliquity. Unearth hidden assumptions. Attract, don’t control.

Example clients: G+J, Mediengruppe Pressedruck, HSBA, SinnerSchrader

Facilitation is highly individual, and often working on a specific challenge leads to more comprehensive training and coaching. If you have a challenge you want to discuss, let’s talk!