I’m Wolfgang.

I’m a trained philosopher and untrained entrepreneur, a connector of people and ideas, a sense-maker and facilitator, and a late-coming social activist.

Climate Justice (2019)

Since early 2019, I am active in the climate justice movement, contributing in various ways from action logistics to strategy facilitation. I currently focus on hands-on work and the connection of the climate crisis to wider social and political issues.

Save Democracy e.V. (2016)

A nonparty, nonprofit initiative working for a strong, open, and dynamic democracy. Save Democracy raises awareness, shows opportunities for participation, and trains political engagement in open events, cooperations with schools, and by connecting projects with volunteers.

Product Field (2015)

A sense-making framework for product innovation. The Product Field helps navigate the complexity of product innovation: Create shared understanding, explore success factors, find potential for improvement, and increase organizational capacity for innovation.

Zweimeilenladen (2012/14)

A popup store for hyperlocal products. The Zweimeilenladen sold only goods produced in a two-mile radius around its respective location – from food and beveridges to fashion and furniture. Each time it popped up, it was open for three weeks, once in Hamburg and once in Berlin.

betahaus Hamburg (2010)

Hamburg’s first and premier coworking space. betahaus Hamburg is the shared office of over 500 users, hosts many of Hamburg’s startup- and founder-oriented events, and connects entrepreneurs with etablished companies looking for fresh ideas and novel work environments.

mindmatters (2002)

Collaborative product design and development. Based in Hamburg, mindmatters is developing digital products for startups and established companies, focusing on real user needs and complex problems with a completely self-organized team of 20 developers, designers and facilitators.

What I learned in these projects and from the smart people I’ve worked with is the foundation of what I do in facilitation and training.